Sweet Trail Dreams

Stay on the trail and help keep the singletrack single.

If you are on a bike, and you come across others on the trail, don’t ride off trail in an attempt to facilitate a passing. Stop to the side, put your foot down, and lean your bike away from the trail.

Yield to the climber, and do the Sun Valley Lean.

Same thing if you are on foot. Stop and move aside for others; rather than striding on by, off trail, to make a pass.

Why is this important? Because people and horses trample plants when they stride or ride off trail to facilitate a pass. At a minimum, this can cause the widening of our sweet, narrow singletrack. If left unchecked, such behavior can eventually lead to the formation of redundant, paralleling trails. These can turn into scars on the landscape that are maintenance nightmares for land managers and trail crews.

Let’s not go down this path.

Help everyone have sweet dreams. Slow down, be kind, and treat the trails and each other with care.

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