Let’s talk about eBikes

EBikes continue to grow in popularity around our valley. They allow riders to explore further, provide parity between riders, and have become a popular way to commute. With their growing use, it’s important to know where and what kind of eBikes are allowed on which trails. Often, only Class 1 eBikes are allowed on trails allowing eBikes. Here is the breakdown of the 3 classes.

Class 1: pedal assist with no throttle and a top speed of 20 mph
Class 2: have a throttle and a top speed of 20 mph
Class 3: may or may not have a throttle and top speed is up to 28 mph

As eBikes continue to evolve, though, there are a variety of bikes that go beyond these basic classifications.

For all users—it is your responsibility to be good ambassador on our trails. Our users set the tone for a safe and fun experience. Know the rules, pay attention to speed limits, be sure to slow to an appropriate speed when passing, and always stay aware of your surroundings. For all eBike riders—know the regulations and only ride where eBikes are allowed.

The best options for eBikes are the Wood River Trail, Quigley Loop Trail and Silver Lining Trail, Croy Trails, and Greenhorn Trails. For more information on eBike regulations and where eBikes are allowed, visit Our Summer Trails on our website.

Enjoy the trails!