June 14th Trails Update

It is a perfect time to get out for the adventure of your choosing! Most trails are dry at this point. Keep in mind trails that are marked as yellow likely have not seen any maintenance yet. You might find downed trees and possibly run into snow at higher elevations.  If you come across a tree over the trail or something needing attention, please let me know or fill out the WRTC trail report. Ketchum Ranger District reports that crews have cleared Adam’s Rib access from Osberg and Fox Peak Connector through to Sunnyside, Osberg Ridge from start of Adam’s Rib to start of Alden, and Alden Gulch from upper Osberg trailhead to Baker Creek Rd. KRD/WRTC report that the crew cut 58 trees out of Alden! KRD also reports that Mahoney- Lodgepole, Mahoney-Lodgepole Connector Loop have been cleared. There are reports that the Norton/Miner Lakes region and on the Timber/Federal Loop are still holding snow. WRTC moto volunteers report that nearly everything south of Warm Springs has been cleared. Placer to Castle has been cleared to Oseberg’s and Castle is clear except for 2 large trees below the Placer intersection. Be aware the crossing to Warfield is deep right now and not advisable. Galena Lodge opened on June 7th and the trails are in great condition. Now is the perfect time to head up to Galena to get out on the trails and visit the lodge for their delicious fries! Last Friday BCRD finished cutting out Big Wood and Enid’s trails, adding to the list of open Galena trails. Be sure to reference the map for summer wildlife closures on Spring Creek, Grinder, Outhouse, and Crosscut. Bottom line, there are a lot of great trail options, and thanks the dedicated trail crews in our valley, many trails are clear and in great shape!

Sheep are continuing to move into the valley. The Forest Service reports that there will be sheep in or moving into the following areas: Limekiln: One band is currently grazing on the allotment. Baker Creek: One band will enter the allotment on or after 06/15Deer Creek/Curran:  One band is in Deer Creek grazing up Howard’s Gulch TrailWarm Springs: One band will enter the allotment on or after 06/18.Lake Creek: One band will enter the allotment on or after 06/18Willow Creek/ Shaw Mountain Allotment (Placer Creek area): One band will enter the allotment on or after 06/19Cove Creek: One band will enter the allotment on or after 07/05.  

Upcoming Events:
June 15th:Trailhead Bicycles Summer Kick-off Party at Quigley Bike Park 5-7pm
June 25th: WRTC Volunteer event.  
July 6th: Galena Grinder Whit Henry Memorial Mountain Bike Race. Visit galenalodge.com for more information.