1000’s Of Cuts

Have you ever noticed how many cut trees are laying trailside along every wooded trail in the valley?

Volunteers with the Wood River Trails Coalition. On to the next mission.

Winter storms bring down a lot of trees, so each spring we clear the trails. As the season progresses, more trees will be coming down.

Jeff Mintz, Josh Commons, Jeff Jensen, and John Reagle are some of the WRTC vols hard at work on your local trails. Thanks for the thousands of cuts fellas!

Here in the Wood River Valley we are fortunate to have volunteers and professional trail crews taking care of such things. Motorcyclists with the Wood River Trails Coalition have been busy working in the Greenhorn and Deer Creek drainages, and Justin Blackstead with the Ketchum Ranger District has been hard at it too. His trail-crew members begin returning to work this week.

Volunteer efforts yes, and the Ketchum Ranger District’s Justin Blackstead has also been working.

Keep in mind that many area trails are not cut-out yet, and that higher trails remain snow bound. Turn around when you get to muddy conditions or if your passing will cause lasting damage. Thanks for helping keep the trails in good shape.