Thanks For The Help

Its not breaking news that the Forest Service and BLM have closed a number of area trails due to last years fire. They have done so because they need to make repairs to the trails before they can safely be re-opened for use. Staying off of closed trails, and leaving the “closed” signs in place and unmolested, is important in helping land managers stay focused on getting repairs made in a timely manner.

Trail closure compliance has been very good. Thank you Trail Community!

Trail closure compliance has been very good. Thank you Trail Community!

So far, closure compliance in the region has been very good, and that is a big help to our your local land managers. It allows them to stay focused on the work before them, instead of spending time replacing signs that have been taken down. Additionally, it helps them keep things safe while the work of repairing the trails is carried out.

So far in my travels I have come across just one sign that had been ripped down – at the top of Howard’s Trail, which leads into the Deer Creek Drainage.

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Ripped sign at top of Howard’s Trail.

The sign has been re-installed, but such replacements take time and energy away from more pressing tasks that would help us get the trails opened sooner. Please leave the signs you come across in place, so that others will have the information they need when they approach areas that are closed. If you happen to come across signs that have been damaged or removed please report them to me, Chris Leman/Wood River Valley Trails Coordinator for the BCRD at or (208) 720-7713. Thank you for the help!

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