Crews at work, trails slowly opening

Crews are digging into their work up and down the valley. photo credit (all photos in this blog): KRD Trail Crew

Most of the trails at the BCRD Quigley Trails Park are open. The Black Flow Trail remains closed due to a leaky hillside.

The BLM Croy Trail network is mostly all open. At last visit snow was still holding across the top of Two Dog, and the Hidden Valley Loop was still too wet down low for use as a complete loop.

Sunnyside – Lane’s Trail is open in Adams Gulch. Citizens Trail and the Adams – Lake Creek Connector Trail can be used for out-and-backs. The Old Adams Gulch Road Trail #146 is partially-open.

The KRD Trail Crew made many repairs to the lower trails in Adams Gulch this week.
After repairs.

The Ketchum Ranger District Trail Crew performed maintenance on Sunnyside – Lane’s, Citizens, and Old Adams Gulch Road Trail #146. They cut-out downed trees, brushed back encroaching plants, and cleaned out drains. They also made a great number of repairs where spring run-off had created deep rutting.

Erosion along Old Adams Gulch Road Trail #146.
Repaired #146 Trail.

People are using the Old Adams Gulch Road Trail #146 as part of a loop with Sunnyside – Lane’s. In the shade, on Wednesday, The Old Road Trail still had a lot of snow on it. In places, water was still running on the road-like trail. If using the #146, be mindful that the footbridges along it are still under construction. Approaches to them, or off of them, may be abrupt.

At the BLM Lake Creek TH the Big Wood River is over the trail on the far side of the footbridge. The river is also over the trails at the Fox Creek Trailhead.

The Oregon Gulch Trail can be used for out-and-backs.

Out Trail Creek Road, the creek-side Trail Creek Trail is open. The nearby Sun Valley Resort benchland trails have largely melted out and are being used by dog walkers and others. The trails around Proctor and Rudd mountains are partially-open with some parts of the network being impassable due to extensive avalanche debris. The Corral Creek Trail is partially-open for out-and-backs with snow holding in the trees and areas of avalanche debris.

Here are some updates for other routes in the region:
-Deer Creek Road is open to campsite #18, which is between Wolftone and North Fork Deer Creek.

-Greenhorn Road is open to the TH. The trails on the Cow Creek side of the TH can be used (Cow Creek #180, Cow Creek Short Cut #930, Cow Creek Connector #153). The trails down low along Greenhorn Creek are closed due to wet and muddy conditions.

-East Fork Road is open to Sawmill Campground and the campground is open. Avalanche debris is blocking access to Federal Gulch Campground.

-Hyndman Creek Road is open to the Hyndman Trailhead. Expect snow, trees down, and avalanche debris on trails departing the TH.

-On Tuesday, Cove Creek Road was dry for about a mile south of its intersection with East Fork Road.

-Parker Gulch Road is open to the Parker Gulch Trail. The trail can be used for an out-and-back. Expect deep snow up high and areas of avalanche debris.

-Warm Springs Road is open to Red Warrior. Like all of the waterways in the region, Warm Springs Creek is swollen, so stay out and stay alive to hike or ride another day.

Lake Creek Road is open to the ponds and closed beyond. The Taylor Canyon Trailhead is accessible, and the Taylor Canyon Trail can be used for an out-and-back at this time. Much snow up high and water was running on areas of the trail earlier this week.

Eagle Creek Road remains closed at the end of the pavement.

Baker Creek Road is closed at Hwy 75.