Brushing Sunnyside and Pork Chop

“Trail work is no fun,” said by no one, ever. photo credit: Hank Dart

Huge thunderclouds provided shade to 20 volunteers at the Wood River Trails Coalition’s most recent trail work session. On Thursday, June 13th,  the volunteers cut back woody plants that were growing into the trail corridor, both trailside and overhead.

Tools, not jewels. photo credit: Hank Dart

They also cleaned out the drains found along the Sunnyside Trail and the Pork Chop section of the Adams Rib Trail. It was quite humid and the mosquitos came out as the sun lowered in the sky, but everyone seemed to relish the atmosphere of the evening.

Brushing the trail. photo credit: Hank Dart

After the work, on the hike out, the snow on top of Mindbender was lit-up in the distance, and the black and white clouds towering over it looked enormous. Back at the trailhead the group enjoyed the stories and comaradierie that always seem to follow such outings. And everyone appreciated the pizza and beverages provided by sponsors Wise Guy Pizza and Sawtooth Brewery. Runners, horseback riders, motorcycle riders, hikers, dog walker and mountain bikers were all represented by the volunteers, which is only appropriate, as those are some of the user groups represented by the coalition and its Board of Directors.

Trails for all! photo credit: Hank Dart

Keep up the good work WRTC!

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