What’s Open – Trail Report Friday, May 24

Trail Report for Friday, May 24 2019:

BCRD Trails Director Eric Rector at work on the Quigley Loop this spring.

The Blaine County Recreation District has opened the new non-motorized 4.2-mile-long Quigley Loop Trail east of Hailey. The trail can be accessed off of Quigley Road. Please enjoy the trail safely and responsibly.

The Ketchum Ranger District (KRD) has opened a bit more trail, but things are still wet and muddy in many areas, so continued patience will be necessary.

From north to south on the KRD:

At the Oregon Gulch Trailhead the Oregon Gulch Trail is open for 2.8 miles. Also from the Oregon Trailhead, Saddle Trail is open for a short distance. Saddle Trail is closed from the Chocolate Gulch side.

From the Fox Creek Trailhead the Fox Creek Trail is open to the west to the third footbridge. The Fox Creek Trail is also open along the Big Wood River to the Lake Creek Trailhead and Hulen Meadows area. Also from the Fox Creek Trailhead, the Chocolate Gulch Trail is open along the Big Wood River and up into the woods for a way. It is closed at snow/muddy conditions. The North Fork Trail is open.

The BLM will be paving the Lake Creek Trailhead access road in the coming weeks.

From the BLM Lake Creek Trailhead and Hulen Meadows area, Harper’s Trail is open.

The Lake Creek Trailhead will be closed for a paving project in the coming weeks. The BLM is paving the site’s access road, but their contractor needs a window of dry weather to perform the work. Stay tuned. As information is made available, we will pass it along.

At the Adams Gulch Trailhead, Shadyside Trail is open, as is the Old Adams Gulch Road portion of the #146 Trail. The Eve Gulch portion of the #146 Trail remains closed. Other trails in the drainage are open, partially open, or closed. Please refer to the BCRD Summer TraiLink site for more information on the trails in Adams Gulch.

On Baldy the Bald Mountain Trail is partially open to the BLM deck/overlook.

Out Trail Creek the Sun Valley Company’s White Cloud Trails are open. Corral Creek Trail is open, as is the Aspen Loop and the other trails on and around Proctor Mountain.

The Wood River Trails Coalition’s Sara Gress helping the KRD with avalanche debris in Greenhorn.

In the Greenhorn drainage the KRD Trail Crew and motorcyclist volunteers have been busy cutting out avalanche debris. Continued cool and wet weather has not allowed for much drying, so please heed closures and turn around if you come upon muddy conditions. The Cow Creek area dries out fast, so that is your best bet if you make a visit to Greenhorn.

The BLM Croy Trails are open, but the wildflowers are being kind of stubborn. (Not really, they’re starting to pop.)

Thank you for being good trail stewards! By staying off of muddy trails you are helping keep them in good shape for the season ahead.

Thank you to the many people who contributed to the information found in this report.