Deer Creek Beckons

Many areas burned hot in the 2103 Beaver Creek Fire. Since then, the Ketchum Ranger District and its partners have been working hard to rebuild the facilities lost during the fire. Last year saw a huge push from the KRD Trail Crew on the reconstruction of the Deer Creek trails.

A portion of the 2018 KRD Trail Crew. True professionals!

The Kinsey Creek Trail 319 is a popular route that needed a lot of work. The trail includes a number of bridges. Some survived the fire, others did not. One last bridge was needed in order to complete the reconstruction of the trail.


The KRD Trail Crew brings a wide spectrum of skills with them when tackling their varied assignments, so a project like the construction of a bridge is not a problem. According to Justin Blackstead, Trails Coordinator for the Ketchum Ranger District, the crew’s aptitude helped make the Kinsey effort successful. “It was a good showing of how diversified the skills are on the crew. Everyone contributed their expertise,” said Blackstead.

The KRD crew used a variety of tools and techniques to insure that things went smoothly. Large trees were harvest nearby; for use as abutments, stringers and sills. Sara loves operating a chainsaw, so she was happy.


Sam would rather do rock masonry than run a chainsaw. He was in charge of making sure the foundations of the bridge were well protected. The bridge abutments were set high and wide, and huge rocks were fitted into place to help shield the bridge’s moorings from future high stream flows.

Justin spent a good amount of time in the district’s mini-excavator, doing much of the heaviest lifting and earth moving.

Phil and Murphy have become old hands with Pulaskis and McLeods. They have been using those tools, and some Rogue hoes, all summer long on your local trails. They can move some earth. They put their backs into this project too, as did everyone involved.


Grip-hoists and pulleys were employed to move logs and rocks, and everyone pitched in for a great deal of heavy lifting and boulder scooching.

Renee loaded-up Buster and Filmore to packed in the deck boards. The crew, off-site, milled up these bridge parts ahead of time, so using pack-stock to bring them in from the Deer Creek Trailhead was a great way to go.

Tools of the trade.

Egress in and out each day was on the KRD’s dirt bikes.

The trails in Deer Creek are beckoning. Go check ’em out!