Trail Report 6/21/18

Trail Report for Thursday, June 21, 2018:

Starting on Friday the Sun Valley Company will start spinning lifts and taking people up Baldy for adventures. Here is a link to some info about the happenings: Opening Day For Summer Operations on Bald Mountain

Looking down Barr Gulch Trail #168, which was also recently cut out.

The Castle Rock Trail #140 was recently cut out by local motorcyclist volunteers. They also cut out Osberg Ridgeline Trail #147 from its east end at the East Fork Baker Creek Road to its intersection with Castle Rock Trail. The only leg of the Osberg Ridgeline Trail that has not been cut out yet is the section that leads up from the Baker Creek Trailhead to the trail’s intersection with the Castle Rock Trail.

Youth Corps Crews move mountains!

The Ketchum Ranger District has been leading an Idaho Youth Corps Crew on maintenance projects out East Fork, in Federal Gulch and Timber Draw. Also, in Deer Creek, the KRD crew has been working on the washed out creek crossing at the intersection of Curran #160 and Deer Creek Trail #158. Today, Thursday, the crew is packing in bridge parts to make repairs to the footbridge at the north end of Lane’s Trail #316 (near to its intersection with Citizens #143). On Friday the KRD crew is hosting volunteers with Great Old Broads for Wilderness on maintenance of the Adams Rib Trail #142 and the Lake Creek Connector Trail #321.

There is a permitted media mountain biking event taking place on area trails on June 26-28. Group rides will be conducted for the event’s participants. The rides are not open to the public, but as an aid to anyone who may wish to have information about where they might encounter group rides taking place, here is a link to an itinerary that was supplied to the FS regarding the trailheads and trails that the event will be frequenting: Crank Tank Itinerary.

Volunteer work events take place throughout the season.

The next Adopt-A-Trail Night is Thursday, June 28 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. meeting at the Greenhorn Trailhead. We will be cutting back plants that are growing into the travel way along the Mahoney Trail #821. For more info check out the BCRD Summer TraiLink site’s Volunteer Info page, or text/call/email me, BCRD Wood River Valley Trail Coordinator, Chris Leman at 2087207713/