Trail Update Friday, Sept 8 2017

Here are a few trail updates:


Designing trails in 2013 with BLM’s Recreation Planner John Kurtz.

Few Comments Being Made Regarding Travel Planning

The BLM Shoshone Field Office is conducting travel planning in the Wood River Valley, and they have asked for public comments about the options on the table. The result of the travel planning process will be a trail and road access/development plan that will shape how we use BLM lands. It’s a big deal, and the feedback the BLM gets regarding the plan will help shape this important document.

I’ve been keeping in touch with BLM Recreation Planner John Kurtz as the process moves forward, and it sounds like the BLM has only received a few comments so far. “We’re hearing from a few trail users and adjacent landowners. I understand it may be overwhelming, so I suggest starting with your area, or drainage of interest, and branch-out from there. It’s important to provide comments, as they’ll be used to modify the options prior to beginning the analysis. This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard and make a difference,” said Kurtz.

If you haven’t done so already, look into the four options that are presented in the plan, and make public comment about what you like, or don’t like about them. This is not a vote. The BLM is not looking to tally up how many people are for option A, B, C, or D. It is an opportunity to make specific comments about what you may like or dislike about the four options being considered. It is my understanding that the final plan will be a blending of the many different approaches that are laid out in the four options.

As a way to get started, you might want to click on the link provided below. It will take you to a blog I posted about the plan, with links to background info, the plan options, and info on how to comment: 

BLM Travel Planning Restarted

I’ve heard from some trail users that they are concerned about the planning process. They are worried that they might get shut out of some opportunities that are important to them. I’ve encouraged them to dig into the documents and make comments. If anyone needs help digging in, I’d be happy to get together with you to help you figure out what is being proposed. John Kurtz has also expressed the same thing – that he would be more than willing to meet with people who want help understanding what is on the table, and how to comment. However you approach it, get your comments in, and please encourage your friends and neighbors to do likewise. The comment period ends Sept. 29th.

The fire-impacted Osberg Ridgeline Trail was reconstructed in 2015.

Recent Trail Maintenance

This week the Ketchum Ranger District Trail Crew performed maintenance on the Osberg Ridgeline Trail #147. The crew cleaned out drains, brushed back encroaching vegetation, cutout downed trees, and removed forest litter and rocks from the trail tread.

Sheep Update

The Ketchum Ranger issued an updated sheep report today. Here is a link to the report: KRD Sheep Report Sept 8 2017

Sawtooth National Recreation Area Updates

The Sawtooth N.R.A. has issued an updated trail report and road table today. Here are links to each:

SNRA Trail Report for Sept 8 2017

SNRA Road Table for Sept 8 2017


Best, Chris Leman, Wood River Valley Trail Coordinator, Blaine County Recreation District.

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