Same Old, Same Old (with twists)

Trail Update April 28, 2017

Many area trails remain temporarily closed due to wet conditions.

Most area trails remain temporarily closed due to wet conditions.

Same old thing… most area trails remain closed due to wet conditions, but there are exceptions.

West of Hailey, more of the BLM Croy Trail Network has opened. The Bullion Connector, Wilson Gulch and Centerline trails are open, as are both ends of Two Dog (the high area of Two Dog remains closed due to wet conditions).

You can form some loops off of Two Dog by combining it with Centerline and Wilson, and on the Bullion Gulch side of Two Dog (accessed off of Bullion Gulch Rd.) you can do an out-and-back. Hidden Valley and Punchline need a little more time, so they remain closed.

The Ketchum Ranger District Trail Crew is at work in the Adams Gulch and Greenhorn drainages. They are making repairs to the trails and working to get more sections open. That said, things remain very limited on the KRD.

The Sunnyside-Lane’s Trail #316 is now open to the picnic table on Lane’s – for out-and-backs. The Adams-Lake Creek Connector Tr. #321 is open for a short distance – about ½ mile. (The Adams-Lake Creek Connector Trail #321 is accessed off of Sunnyside, near the Adams Gulch Trailhead.)

The lowest, sunniest loop-trail within the Sun Valley Company’s White Cloud Trails, the Valley View Loop, is open.

Mid-valley, in Greenhorn, there are just two very-short out-and-backs available. From the trailhead, the Cow Creek Trail #180 can be followed for about 1/4 mile before you have to turn around at a closed sign and wet conditions. This trail is accessed near the vault toilet. It heads uphill and north. The nearby Cow Creek Connector Trail #153 is open for ½ mile. It departs the trailhead near the road ending cul-de-sac turnaround area. The #153 trail immediately climbs the little hillside above the trailhead, heading west and thru a series of turns. After about a half mile the trail is closed due to wet conditions.

Pop quiz: Lees or Townsend Gulch?

Pop quiz: Lees or Townsend Gulch?

Keep in mind that Lees and Townsend Gulches are scheduled to be opened by the BLM on Monday, May 1. To help protect the area from getting all tracked up, the roads leading into the gulches are gated shut until May 1 of each year. Parking is limited in these areas, but these unspectacular places are nice for a walk or horseback ride. Just out-and-backs on old roads in these drainages, but nice, none the less. These gulches are accessed off of Lower Broadford Road. Please drive slowly and safely through the neighborhoods and as you pass thorough the private property preceding the BLM lands contained within the gulches. Bellevue merchants sell cold sodas and candybars, among other things. Maybe you’ll swing through town before or after your outing – for a meal, snack, or other goodie. Go ahead, you earned it!

We are fortunate to live in a place where the locals get it; they stay off of wet trails. Thank you. Your patience and good stewardship go a long way toward keeping our trails in good shape for the longer season ahead.

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