Wet Trails


wet duck

Wise quakers seek paved routes when it rains.


It rained, and the weather is predicted to remain unsettled through the weekend and into next week. As a result, our area dirt trails have taken a step back in their readiness for traffic. Not many local dirt trail opportunities were available to us yet, but those trails that had been opened are now too wet to use.

Please stay off of area dirt roads and trails until things have had a chance to dry out.

Thank you for your patience and help in keeping the trails in good condition for the season ahead. Please visit the BCRD Summer TraiLink site to stay up to date on current conditions.

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  1. Chris Leman, BCRD WRVTC
    April 23, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Saturday afternoon and it has stopped raining for a little while. Keep and eye on the skies and if it stays dry tonight and into tomorrow morning we may find that the trails are dry enough for traffic on Sunday. Stay tuned to the latest info at trails.bcrd.org

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