Punchline and Two Dog Progress

John getting brushing back weeds growing on Punchline Trail

John brushing back weeds on Punchline.


We are continuing to make progress on trail reconstructions west of Hailey. The IMBA Trail Solutions crew is working on Two Dog Trail. They and their machines are now in the large drainage north of Wilson Gulch.

Punchline berm - before.

Punchline berm – before.

On Monday BLM Rec Planner John Kurtz and I worked on Punchline Trail.¬†We started the process of removing the heavy weed growth that has developed on the trail. We are also cleaning out the trail’s drainage structures and shaping and compacting the turns.

Much of the trail surface is soft and in need of compaction. We need soil moisture to be able to compact the trail, so the rain we have been getting is welcome.

Weather permitting, we expect to be performing more work on Punchline this Tuesday and Thursday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. If you have any time during the day this week, and you would like to help, please text or call me, Chris Leman, at (208) 720-7713.


Yous truly working on a berm.

Yours truly working on a berm.


Punchline berm - after.

Punchline berm – after.

Punchline berm - after.

Punchline berm – after.