New Galena Trails Taking Shape

In 2006, the BCRD, the operators of Galena Lodge, and other community groups such as Big Wood Backcountry Trails conceived the idea to develop a summer trail system around the lodge. The BCRD submitted a multi-use trails proposal based on a design by the International Mountain Bicycling Association to the SNRA. The SNRA pursued an environmental assessment of the proposed project with a final decision to approve a 47-mile trail system.  

The new Senate Meadow Loop is open at Galena Lodge

The new, one-mile long Senate Meadow Loop is open at Galena Lodge

This summer, the BCRD and its partners are making solid progress on the construction of the new trails at Galena.

Rob Giustina with Progressive Trail Design shaping tread and cutting backslope in a mini-excavator

Rob Giustina with Progressive Trail Design shaping tread and cutting backslope in a mini-excavator

The trails are being developed with “preferred” uses in mind. All of the trails will be open to all forms of non-motorized travel, with trails optimized for mountain bike use on the east side of the highway, and equestrian optimized trails developed on the west side. Visitors will be drawn to routes that match their desired experiences, and because trails are open to all comers, its hoped that users won’t feel over-regulated.

Galena Lodge Beginner Trail Construction from Chris Leman on Vimeo.

Above, Garrick Topp with Progressive Trail Design roughs in a section of new beginner trail at Galena Lodge on the BCRD’s Sutter 300 mini-bulldozer. I happened to be filming Garrick when he was building in flat terrain. In areas with more side-slope, the establishment of a trail tread is more demanding.

BCRD Trails and Grooming Specialist Eric Thurmond and Neapolitan getting after the hand work

BCRD Trails and Grooming Specialist Eric Thurmond (and Neapolitan) getting after the hand work

Hand work is always a big part of any trail construction project, and the BCRD Trails and Grooming Staff have been leading that effort. They have also enlisted the services of a 12-person Northwest Youth Corp crew toward the completion of this tread shaping and backslope cutting work.

Progressive’s Garrick Topp and Eric Coury, BCRD Trails and Grooming Specialist, at work on the Galena trails construction

This summer’s construction is focused on the building of the beginner mountain biking trails portion of the Galena Summer Trails Plan. With virtually no beginner singletrack mountain biking opportunities currently available on the SNRA, these easier trails will help provide less experienced riders with a wide variety of options that area close to the lodge.

Senate Meadow Loop is open at Galena Lodge

Senate Meadow Loop is open at Galena Lodge

At present, just one mile of the new trail system is complete and open to traffic. You can get more information about the open Senate Meadow Loop Trail, or upload a map file of the route to your GPS unit, at the BCRD Summer TraiLink site. This short route is worth checking out, if just to get a sense of what a bike optimized trail looks and feels like. Before, or after your outing, stop into the lodge to check out their bike shop, retail store, restaurant, and full bar. The construction of the entire trail system is expected to be completed by the fall of 2016.

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  1. August 18, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    I just had an epic day of riding at Galena Lodge. The new trails along with existing connector trails offer something for all riding abilities. There is a new beginner trail that has plenty of rollers and corners that are also great for those that want to push the pedals a bit harder and work on some air awareness and higher speed cornering. Thanks to the great trail building crew and equipment, these trails are ready to ride! Enjoy a morning session of riding, grab lunch, and hit the trails again and chow down again before you leave!

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