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Tree down!

Find a tree down across a trail on a hike? Sign in disrepair? Trail conditions needing attention? Please take a moment to note the location and let me know. I can get word to the appropriate agency or make the repair/cut out the tree myself. Likewise, if you and your buddies ganged up on a downed tree and dragged it off the trail, or cut it out with a hand saw, please let me know. Sometimes we go out to tackle downed trees and find that they have already been moved or cut out, so give me a call (208) 720-7713 or send me an email at cleman@bcrd.org if you have anything to report.

Sign down!

Sign down!

If you have a camera with you when you come across things you’d like to report, take a picture. If you can give me a gps location that is super helpful too, but a good description of the location is just fine.

PS – Please do not do any unauthorized trail maintenance that involves the moving of soil, like digging in a new trail drain, or changing the shape of the trail tread in anyway. That type of work needs to be left to the land managers and their crews, or to volunteers who are authorized to make approved significant changes to the trail. If you would like to kick loose rocks off of the trail and clear easily manageable, small downed trees and other forest litter from the trail you are more than welcome to help in that way. And that type of work is super helpful to keeping the trails riding, hiking, and running great. Thanks!

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Get down!

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